NC School Report Card

We take great pride in our record of academic achievement.

2019-2020: No Score or Letter Grade

In 2018-2019, we EXCEEDED expected growth with an overall grade of B on the NC School Report Card.

You can view our 2018-2019 results by searching here:

2018-2019 NC School Report Card


We are excited about the growth of our students.  In 2017-2018, 100% of our 3rd graders were reading at or above grade level.

Prior Achievement Results:

  • 2019-2020-No Score or Letter Grade Given (Covid)
  • 2018-2019-Exceeded Expected Growth B-82
  • 2017-2018-Met Expected Growth B-75
  • 2016-2017-Met Expected Growth B-80
  • 2015-2016-Met Expected Growth  B-78
  • 2014-2015-Met Expected Growth B-76
  • 2013-2014-Met Expected Growth B-77
  • 2012-2013-Met 13 out of 13 AMO targets, Expected Growth
  • 2011-2012-Honor School of Excellence, Expected Growth
  • 2010-2011-Honor School of Excellence, Expected Growth
  • 2009-2010-School of Distinction, Expected Growth