Annual Fund Grant Proposal Update

Good morning,

I am excited to share an update on our annual fund and the classroom grant proposals! To date, the annual fund has raised just over $15,000! This is super impressive since we kicked this off later in the year.
As you may remember, teachers were asked to complete a grant proposal form if they were interested in receiving some of these funds. The total of each grant was around $500 while a few grades and/or departments went in together to ask for a larger purchase.
Once the proposals were collected, the School Improvement Team voted on which proposals to fund. Here are the winners of the grants:
Jennifer Tinnin (HS Spanish); World Heritage Day event-fully funded
Performing Arts (6-12): Wireless lapel microphones with transmitters-fully funded
Performing Arts (6-12): Mixing board, XLR cables, and base weights for the drape system-fully funded
Kathy Hughes (MS Math): Brick Math program-fully funded
Sapp/Madison/Almers (1st grade): Chromebooks-fully funded
Sandy Gray (HS ASL): American Sign Language technology-fully funded
Julie Gillette (2nd grade): Computer cart storage-fully funded
Amber Coburn (MS ELA): Young Adult Literature (new novels)-fully funded
Amber Coburn (MS ELA): Middle School Odyssey of the Mind Team-fully funded
Donna Kuhl (HS Science): Three Dimensional Learning for Chemistry-fully funded
Jennifer Tinnin (HS Spanish): Class Resources for Spanish-partially funded
Sandy Gray (HS ASL): Curriculum Resources for ASL class-partially funded
Meaghan Kimbrough (HS Art): Wheeled storage shelves for storing art projects-fully funded
Nijhout-Rowe/Lopez/Young (HS Math): TI-84 Calculators, charging station, and rechargeable batteries-fully funded
Tiffany Jones (HS Science): Hands-on activities for Forensics class-fully funded
Lauren Webb (HS Yearbook): HP Laserjet Pro Printer-fully funded iMac desktop and MacBook Pro not funded
Sharon Wall (AIG): Podcasting equipment-fully funded
Kim Apelgren (K8 Engineering): Magnetic wallboard and magnets-fully funded
Trish Anderson (3rd grade Math): AMC assessment professional development and training-fully funded
As you can see, your donations will have a far-reaching effect on our school! We cannot thank you enough for your generosity. As these items are purchased and used, we will be sharing photos and videos so you can see them in use and their impact on the learning environment at ERA!
Thank you again for your support!! Please keep in mind that the annual fund will kick off in September and we look forward to funding additional projects for years to come.
With kindest regards,