Covid-19 Update (K-12)

Good Afternoon,

After a great deal of deliberation, we have decided to update our return to school plan. Here are the details:
1.  ERA High School will remain in Plan C (distance learning) until the end of the semester. We will reevaluate for the spring semester no later than December 18th
2. ERA K-8 will remain in Plan C (distance learning) through October 9th. Which is the end of the first quarter.
3. We will re-evaluate for the second quarter no later than October 5th .
~The criteria to move into Plan B (hybrid) will be 2% positive test rates or below for the previous 14 days. The rates will be an average from the counties where ERA students reside.
~If above 2% positive, we will stay in distance learning until the 14 day average is 2% or below.
~If in Plan B (hybrid) and average rates go above 5% for a two week period, we will go back to distance learning.
~If in those two weeks (described above), the numbers spike to 7% positive, we will immediately go back to distance learning for the remainder of the semester.
4. As a reminder, students can continue in distance learning until further notice even if we are in Plan B (hybrid).
5. We will share our Plan B (hybrid) plans in the coming weeks and will get you and your student(s) trained on all of the procedures.
To put this in perspective, as of early August, the state average was 6% positive test rates. In June and July, the average was 7-10%. In May, the average was around 6% and we were just entering into Phase 1 from quarantine.
I know that this is a challenging time but we want to do what we can to keep our staff and students safe. I will continue to keep you updated and will give you as much notice as possible when things change.
Thank you for your efforts in getting your children online and for supporting our distance learning efforts. We are only successful with your assistance.
Take care,