Covid Update ***PLEASE READ IN ENTIRETY*** 1/3/22

Good afternoon,

I hope you all had a safe and healthy winter break! As you’ve seen, things are rapidly changing with Covid and the new variant. I’ve attached a document that contains updated guidance for both staff and students. This information was shared with me by the Orange County Health Department and the NC DHHS. Please note that this guidance is specific to schools and may be different than your office or other places of business.
Covid Guidance 01-22
We know that our Covid numbers are likely to spike over the next weeks and even months. Therefore, please adhere to the following:
1. Currently, masks must be worn at all times in the building.
2. Do not send your child to school with symptoms that mimic Covid including ‘allergy/cold’ type symptoms. Get your child tested and share those results with us. We will be sending students home if they have symptoms and we don’t have negative test results.
3. Testing-While we do have the capability to test (assuming we have supplies), we are not an official testing site. We can test a student with symptoms if they are in the building but you shouldn’t bring them to school to get tested if they have been exposed. Please take them to sites in the community and inform us of the results.
***Your child must be pre-registered in order to get tested. If you didn’t register in August, here is the link.***
Student Testing Link
Staff Registration Link
4. Positive Test or Exposure: If your child has tested positive or been exposed, please complete this link immediately. In the past, we have just allowed an email to suffice but we will need additional documentation moving forward. Please notify your child’s teacher(s) as well.
Covid Positive or Exposure Link
Dr. Davis and I will continue to share Covid numbers in our weekly updates. If something significant begins to occur, we will notify families as soon as possible. Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we work to continue to keep our students and staff safe and in person!
Take care,