Distance Learning – Middle School

Welcome to Eno River Academy’s Middle School Distance Learning Resource site designed to support our students, families and educators while our school is closed for COVID-19.

Students are expected to participate in distance learning beginning Wednesday, April 1st and continuing through Friday, May 15th unless extended by Governor Cooper.

We believe that every student deserves access to rigorous, relevant and engaging learning opportunities. While we cannot replace the value of the teacher-to-student interaction in the classroom, we are working to provide supplemental resources and activities that will help students remain engaged in learning while Eno River Academy is closed. These resources and online opportunities will continue to evolve and grow over the course of the extended school closure.

Thank you for your support of your child(ren)s learning at home. Together we can ensure the success of our students!

Instruction for Middle School:

Teachers will be communicating their plans directly with parents and students. Teachers will have weekly virtual check-ins, share resources, provide packets to be completed and even engage via their google classrooms (if applicable). These lessons are designed to engage your student in the curriculum and will not mirror what was happening in the classroom prior to the school closure.

Middle School Online Teacher Check-In Schedule:

Students are assigned one/two classes per day where they will be meeting with their teacher and classmates. The schedule is linked here: Middle School Distance Learning Schedule


❏ Teachers will maintain “remote” contact with all students to monitor student participation and progress.

❏ Teachers will communicate and maintain “remote office hours” from 9:00am-1:00pm Monday-Thursday and from 9:00am-12:00pm on Friday. This may vary for EC student services.

❏ Students/parents should direct questions to teachers through school email.

How can I support my student as a remote learner?

❏ Familiarize yourself with your student’s distance learning opportunities via their classroom teacher’s emails , websites or google classrooms.

❏ Make sure your student participates in teacher check-ins, independent study and reading time, and any collaborative time with classmates.

❏ Check your child’s remote learning programs (Google Classroom, Khan Academy, Flip Grid, etc) for supplemental learning assignments.

❏ Encourage students to do their best when completing supplemental learning opportunities.

❏ Remind students to self-advocate and communicate openly with concerns and needs during teacher check-in’s, if needed.

❏ Support your student in starting the Distance Learning Day by 9:00am if at all possible. Waiting until the late afternoon or evening to start work adds unnecessary stress and creates missed opportunities for collaboration and feedback.

❏ Remind your student to take frequent breaks to stay focused.

❏ Find a dedicated workspace to maximize time on task and facilitate distance supplemental learning.

❏ Be patient. This is a challenging time for everyone. The goal is to support continued learning and not to The goal 2is to support continued learning and not to mirror a traditional classroom setting.


❏ Teachers will focus on supporting student progress and communicating feedback to students and families rather than on assigning grades. 

❏ Per NC DPI guidelines, grading will end at Quarter 3. The exception would be for a student that is failing in Q3 and would like to bring that grade up. The student will notify their teacher and will work on assignments that will specifically impact their final grade.

EC Services:

❏ Please be advised that services for students with additional staff support will mirror ERA’s abbreviated day schedule. Parents will be notified, as needed, with student-specific information.

UNC-TV and PBS At-Home Learning:

❏ UNC-TV and PBS are supporting our efforts online and on their TV channel. This link will take you to additional resources and the broadcast schedule. At-Home Learning