First Day of School – HS

We are SO excited to see you all tomorrow!

Remember that drop off starts as early as 7:45am in the back of the school, we will see all the students in the gym until they are released to go to CATS at 8:20.
All students will report to their CATS advisory (homeroom) from 8:30 Р8:50. In their advisory they will receive their official schedule on yellow paper. Teachers have been instructed to make sure that all students entering their classroom have their class listed on the yellow paper.
Note: Some schedules may have shifted over the last couple of days to balance overfull classes. Make sure you follow your assigned schedule on yellow paper.
For students who have an online class or CCP classes, they should report to the commons during the period they are assigned.
Get some rest tonight, and don’t forget your lunch (if you didn’t order HotBox Lunch)
See you tomorrow!
Mrs. Sealy