HS Update 8/23/2020


Happy weekend!  I hope this email finds you well and ready for a new school week.  Just a few announcements and updates for you as we start week 3 of remote learning.

  • New Daily Learning Schedule:  Since we have finished the first 10 days of school, we will now start with first period each day at 8:30 instead of CATS time.  Be sure to go to first period starting tomorrow, Monday, August 24 at 8:30.  Click here for the updated schedule.  
  • Student Expectations during Remote Learning:  Students you are responsible for attending classes and checkin in on study block days as directed by your teachers.  Students with over 10 absences this semester can fail due to attendance.  Click here to review our expectations during remote learning. 
  • Work Conflicts with Class:  Students are not allowed to miss class for a job or other work obligations.  Those who have part-time jobs will need to work with their employers to adjust hours now that we are back in school.  Students will be counted absent for missing class due to work.
  • Remote Learning School Office Hours:  Our front office will be open from 9-1 Monday through Friday for students/families to pick up/drop off items.  All appointments with teachers or staff will be done via phone or Zoom conferences.  All students/families/ visitors to the building should wear a mask per Orange County’s ordinances.  
  • ERA HS Remind Messages:  Remind is an educational app designed to keep students in the communication loop via text messages.  Be sure to download the app in the Apple or Android App Store.  We have created one just for students to send out updates and reminders.  Once you have the Remind app, join the group using the code @db8648.

Let’s continue to ROAR and SOAR! 

Dr. Davis