Important Update from NC State Board of Education

Good morning,

I come to you with yet another change from our government officials. While the legislature never intended to include charters in their recent reopening legislation, our State Board of Education and State Superintendent have mandated that K-5 charters reopen under Plan A. So, once again, we will be adjusting to meet these requirements. We are still required to offer a virtual option for K-5 in addition to in-person instruction.
Beginning April 12 and continuing through May 13, we will allow any K-5 student the opportunity to attend on our current schedule which is 8:00 am-1:00 pm Monday-Thursday. All health and safety protocols will remain unchanged. If your child isn’t a current K-5 hybrid student and would like to be included, I will email you details on how to enroll next week.
Please note that this does not include 6-12 and we will continue with the previously approved hybrid schedule. As I’ve shared before, the month of May will remain¬†virtual for 6-12 to allow for testing during the month.
Have a great weekend,