Mr. Corcoran’s Top 10

My, how the time has flown by this school year!


Here are my top 10 unforgettable memories from 2013-2014:


10. Pi Day. Never in my life have I been the target of such, ahem (pie in the face), affection. Fun with an academic purpose!


9. Quality (bonus) time spent with my three children during an endless procession of snow and ice days. Even Principals love snow days sometimes!


8. Tech transformation. State of the art WiFi system installation coupled with a conversion to Google Apps for Education. Staff and students are researching, working, and collaborating online/in “the cloud” like never before!


7. WOCS Mother’s Day Program. The entire school community gathered in the gym to celebrate our beloved moms. Just plain heartwarming and soul-lifting!


6. Appearing on one of the first episodes of WOCS. Thirty episodes and numerous celebrity guests later, it is clear that Mr. Dawson is onto something good.


5. April’s Spring Fling! We did it OCS-style, with loud music, tasty food, family togetherness, & fun. Not to mention a helicopter liftoff! (All resulting in funding for two more SMART Boards, one for 1st grade and one for middle school.)


4. January STEAM Certification Training. A national event. For two days in January, OCS was at the epicenter of the STEAM universe. Every staff member has been STEAM-certified!


3. STEAM Projects impacting every student at every grade level during only our first year of implementation. K & 3rd Grade Tiger Soap & Lip Balm Corporation, 2nd Grade Zoo Simulation, Mr. Gatt teaches CPU Programming using Scratch 1.4, 8th Grade Monster Quest, 7th Grade Paratrooper Project, 1st Grade Mock Trial, 5th Grade EiE unit, 6th grade Warfare Simulation & Space Exploration Projects, 4th Grade Mystery Science-The Case of the Missing Lunchbox, etc…….!!!!


2. Wizard of Oz evening performance. Pure magic, as if Broadway arrived at 920 Corporate Drive. STEAM learning exemplified! (arts & technical learning combined, team-oriented, interdisciplinary, differentiated based on interest & talent, etc…..!)


1. Accepting my dream job as the Principal of Orange Charter School, the best little charter school in the state!
What am I forgetting? What is your personal top 10?


  1. Watching my little boy who started Kindergarten with some struggles to do things on his own to becoming much more independent and able to do so much. Getting to see the love and passion Mrs. Geise and Mrs. Weislak have for their Kindergartners. Just being a part of an amazing school and community. I can’t imagine my children going anywhere else! (so, um….about the High School….)

  2. Kylie Snyder says:

    Overhearing some parents in town discuss how they wish their child had gotten into Orange Charter. My girls have been there since the first grade and we absolutely know it is the best school.

    Hearing time and time again the message of acceptance of others and the lack of bullying. The no bullying policy is in the DNA of the school.

    Wizard of Oz….Art with Ms. Frank….and having the most amazing teachers in middle school.

    Thanks OCS!