MS Update 5/4/21

Greetings middle school families,

May the 4th be with you today 😛
  • Please let me know if you did not receive your student’s 4th quarter progress report.  Thanks!
  • May 14 – final day of formal courses.
  • May 17-27 Middle School students will continue to attend morning meeting.
  • May 17-May 25 – Middle school teachers and students will be testing (due to covid guidelines we will need all teachers during all testing days, so students will have asynchronous work on days that they aren’t testing).  When your student completes all of his/her EOGs, they will be given their summer assignments to work on.
  •  EOG Dates for Grades 3-8: 
    Monday, May 17 – 3rd grade ELA and 6th grade ELA
    Tuesday, May 18 – 3rd grade Math and 6th grade Math
    Wednesday, May 19 – 4th grade ELA and 7th grade ELA
    Thursday, May 20 – 4th grade Math and 7th grade Math
    Friday, May 21 – 5th grade ELA and 8th grade ELA
    Monday, May 24 – 5th grade Math, 8th grade Math, Math 1 (8th graders)
    Tuesday, May 25 – 5th grade Science and 8th grade Science


  • EOG days – students will come through the car line as usual and have their temperatures taken. Teachers will be ready to greet students to make sure everyone knows where they need to go and for all students to be as comfortable as possible. If possible, please send your student with number 2 pencils for testing. Middle school EOGs will be online this year, but still must be done in person and on campus.
  • May 26 – Regular school day – last day with all classes
  • May 27 – Morning meeting for all, followed by 8th grade promotion ceremony at 9:30 on zoom.
  • 4th Quarter Schedule
  • Materials pick up – materials will be placed outside on Thursday afternoons and moved inside on Monday mornings.  If you need to pick up materials, please do so from Thursday to Monday.
  • Needs: We need cleaning wipes if you have any to spare!  We would also take spray bottles and paper towel donations.  Thanks in advance!!!
  • Middle School Clubs
  • Spirit Days – Spirit Days Calendar 🙂
Please let me know if you have any questions,