MS Update 8/24/2020

Happy Monday, Middle School Families!
I hope you all had a great weekend. At our middle school team meeting, we discussed some things that may be helpful for you and your student as we continue distance learning.

Student Reminders:

  • Get up and get dressed.
  • Find a quiet place to SIT UP and work.
  • Turn off the tv.
  • Do not play on your phone.
  • Leave your pets off-screen until the last 2 minutes of class.


  • Please let homeroom teachers know if your student will be absent from class.

We’re asking to see faces on camera because:

  • Non-verbal cues are important indicators of whether students are understanding the concepts being taught.
  • We can see that students are paying attention.
    • *We may ask periodically to have students turn their cameras on, or participate by answering questions in the chat.  If students are not participating in either way, we may send a parent email to see if there is anything we can do to increase participation and understanding of content from your student.

Materials Pick-Up:

  • Any time teachers ask for materials to be picked up, they will be in tupperware bins in front of the MIDDLE SCHOOL BUILDING.  You will have to walk through the courtyard to the back of the school to pick up materials.

Tech Tip:

Just in case you missed these:

  • PRIDE for Students
  • Parent Tips
  • ERA Middle School Remote Learning Live Class Links(Link is in the original email and will not be shared publicly outside of current ERA families.)