School Technology Plan


At Orange Charter School, we are progressively moving towards a blended learning approach to technology integration. We wish to offer the best of both traditional and digital/online instruction. Technology is not a curriculum unto itself, but rather works to support the regular curriculum.

Consistent with this methodology, we recently acquired 75 new Google Chromebooks for use by students in grades 5-8. Older students are also permitted to bring their own devices to school to enhance technology access. A laptop cart and iPad cart circulate among grades K-5 and a majority of our classrooms are equipped with SMART Boards. Furthermore, we recently converted to a Google Apps for Education School to facilitate improved collaboration, efficiency, and productivity among students and staff members.

blended learning

Our students are well-versed in multiple technology tools and applications. Lower grades technology use focuses on basic applications such as word processing, academic skill practice using educational apps and websites, audio/video recording, and presentation software. Upper grades students practice all of the above plus web-based research and responsible, classroom-relevant uses of social networking tools such as e-mail, blogs, and web design. We will offer interest-based IT certification, programming, and engineering elective courses beginning in the Fall of 2014.

Here is a link to our current Technology Plan: OCS School Technology Plan for 2014-2016


2014 OCS School Technology Need Assessment Survey Report