Second Semester K-8 Plan

Good Morning ERA Families,

Our deadline for making a decision on whether to offer hybrid learning for the second semester has arrived. Back in August, I shared with you and the Board that our goal was an average 2% positive test rate for COVID cases in our surrounding counties. September gave us a glimmer of hope and we worked feverishly on creating a plan. Sadly, the last several weeks have caused us to put a pause on the return to face-to-face learning until January. The average positive test results are currently 3.975% and continue to rise.
While we know this isn’t a popular decision for all of you, it’s what we feel is best for several reasons:
1. Our teachers were comfortable with results between 2%-3% positive rates but 3.975% isn’t within the comfort zone.
2. Travel plans for fall break and Thanksgiving would create the possibility of infection exposure.
3. Continuity of learning could potentially be an issue for those moving between hybrid and virtual.
4. Our teachers are in what we call a ‘groove’ and they are concerned about upsetting that.
While we know this is a challenge in many ways, student and staff safety is our top priority. We will know more about the virus and its effect on cold and flu season and have a plan ready for when things are a bit more under control.
As for our potential January return, I will be presenting our hybrid plan to the Board of Directors in the October meeting. Additionally, I will share an idea that we have for optional outdoor social meet-ups in the hopes of socializing the students a bit more.
Thank you for your support and understanding. This was a difficult decision and I’d like to thank the administrative team, department chairs, and teachers for their time in helping us with the plan for this semester and beyond. ERA is blessed to have such an incredible team of educators.
Take care,