Special Edition: Graduation Information and More

Seniors and Families,

It’s here–Graduation Week!!  We look forward to celebrating each and every one of you this week.  Just a few reminders and other tidbits of information below.
1.  Senior Awards Video:  Sorry for the delay with getting this out, but prom setup, festivities, and clean up took over my world Friday-Sunday.  Enjoy the show!
2.  Senior Tribute:  Our Vocal Music students put together a tribute to our seniors.  Thanks to our talented students and Mrs. Daw for organizing this.
3.  Graduation Logistics and Map:  To help you with knowing where to go and what to do, click on the link with all the details and a color map.  We will hand out copies tomorrow too at lunch.
4.  Senior Lunch:  Lunch will start at 11 and goes until 1:30.  We will set up tables in the gym for you to eat.  We will also have your gift bags and any awards then to distribute.
5.  Rehearsal:  Be at the church parking lot by 2 p.m. on Tuesday to get lined up and ready to go.  While you’re waiting, we made a playlist for you to jam out to.  Once you get to the school, tune into 97.3 to hear the ceremony program.
6.  Ceremony:  Be at the church lot by 3 p.m. on Thursday, ready to go.  We will follow the same format as Tuesday.
Go ahead and soak in these last few emails from me–you know you’re gonna miss them.
See y’all soon!  Thanks for all your help and support.

Partners in Education,