The Future of Learning Has Arrived at OCS!

blended learning blender

Wonder what happens when you “blend” experienced teachers, eager 8th grade students, and the very latest in online teaching tools? Pure magic, that’s what!

Check out these images from Mrs. Potter’s Language Arts classroom, where she and Dr. Breedlove used a web-based student response system, called, to gather feedback and steer class discussion regarding a shared reading assignment.

Instructional technology is being used to its fullest potential when it empowers teachers and students to accomplish something that they wouldn’t be able to pull off otherwise. Such is the case here. Notice how every student is able to confidentially, yet simultaneously and publicly, display their thoughts on the screen. This is powerful stuff and serves as evidence of the blended learning model for technology integration that we are beginning to pursue as a teaching staff.

Thanks for having me in Mrs. Potter’s/Dr. Breedlove’sblended learning class!

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