Why ERA?

Mission Statement

Eno River Academy will nurture a community of academic and artistic distinction, as it enriches each student’s cultural literacy.

Our School

Founded in 1997, and one of the original one hundred charter schools allowed in North Carolina, Eno River Academy (ERA), formerly Orange Charter School, a public school of choice, offers young people in Kindergarten through 12th grade a center for learning in which they develop a strong intellectual, emotional, physical, and social foundation. Our program is characterized by a strong commitment on the part of staff and parents to nurture a community of academic and artistic distinction, as it enriches each student’s cultural literacy.

ERA utilizes a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) approach to curriculum delivery that is aligned to the North Carolina Essential Standards, in order to prepare students for high school, college, and citizenship in our national and global community. The STEAM approach utilizes a modified Project Based Learning model in the classroom and across disciplines to equip our students with 21st-century skills.  Our elementary specials and middle and high school electives are robust compared to the local schools. Teachers combine proven educational materials such as Everyday Math, Wilson Reading, and Fundations with a variety of teaching methods and differentiation in order to tailor the instruction to the needs of each class and individual students.

The small size of the ERA school body and classes, as well as the low ratio of students-to-teachers, allows more individualized instruction and attention.  Having a close-knit community also encourages positive character formation. This setting and the approach it affords helps to develop young people with the skills that indicate “21st Century Learners” effective written and oral communication, technological proficiency, creative and critical thinking, ethical behavior and the ability to collaborate with others as well as work independently.

ERA families are involved in generating and supporting creative ideas for enhancement of the learning experience through an effective Board of Directors, Committees, and Task Groups that bring parents, teachers, and administration together.

In short, the education program at Eno River Academy prepares young people for further learning and citizenship by combining the best of tradition and innovation in a community of caring and engaged staff, parents, and children.

Inspiring Excellence. Nurturing Innovation.